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One thing that concerns me is the reverb, it's a bit much in my opinion. I can hear a strong bass frequency from the reverb.

But, all together it's beautiful. -tears- :'(

Good job! ^_-

Semaphore responds:

Sry maybe I have not the equip to hear that out =(

but I appreciate you enjoy it anyway =)

I will 5/5 anyways!
I like it. Just a few things that needs fixing.

-First, it starts randomly. Transitions are important in trance music. An intro or a transition at the start will give the "oooh" factor to it. It's like, how a guy always tries to get the girl who plays "hard-to-get". You gotta make the start of the song "hard-to-get" so people will lean into. And then when they lean into it, it will explode into something great making their hearts pound to the beats. ^-^

-The bass is overpowering the kick. There needs to be a sidechain on that. Assuming you're using FL Studio, looking the short tutorial from FL Studio Guru's YouTube video, kick and bass. The side chain will make the bass volume softer every 4 beats the kick comes into. That will also give more of a pump to it.

-The kick is a weakling. More compression and EQ might solve it, but it could also be the fault of the bass like I said before! ^_-

I used to produce music but I don't anymore because I don't like doing it anymore.

larrynachos responds:

Woa, late reply o.o

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I'll try to incorporate it into my next song!

It blended well nicely.

Pandasticality responds:

i went for a smooth flow, im glad it blended well together.
thank you for your review.
- Pandasticality


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