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Leaving Newgrounds

2014-09-27 14:32:50 by SongHEo

Saw a mean post about ugliest people in the world right here on Newgrounds.

1. This isn't a hater message for newgrounds.

2. I can't stand to see something so mean like that and not be deleted or counted as spam.  It made me really mad, and I think it should of been deleted.  There's no excuse for it why it was never deleted because it has a lot of replies to it.  There is no, "Didn't see it".


Yes, so I am leaving Newgrounds.  I'll make a new YouTube account (since I lost my password to it) and then I will share it to you guys on here.  I'll just message to the people who reviewed on my audio since it's literally two people.

Though, I can't be on a community that was mean like that.  I am not a person who tolerates it.  Just because they're celebirties doesn't mean they don't have feelings.  (Actually, they were mostly atheletes who don't even have much fame compared).  So really, I found that disgusting and it showed me that this website is compacted with rude people.  Atleast on YouTube they don't have a forum where they can talk smack about people.  The only smack talk I would get is the commentry where I can have full admistrations and delete them.

New Cover Soon

2014-08-27 09:35:40 by SongHEo

I should have a new cover up soon! :)

It's going to be My Will suggested by Cabbster. 

About my music

2014-08-16 14:30:41 by SongHEo

I make covers of anime, YOHIO, and many other  jrock/jpop songs.

I hope you enjoy!